Two sides to genetically modified food

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 27 July, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 27 July, 2010, 12:00am

In the last decade, genetically modified food has become more common worldwide. Some people think such food is harmful to human beings. But I believe there are both positive and negative consequences to its use.

On the positive side, GM crops can help increase the supply of food and reduce food shortages in some developing countries.

Many people around the world are starving because they cannot afford to eat. If the supply of food increases, the price of that food will decrease thereby giving everyone adequate supplies.

However, the negative aspects of GM food cannot be ignored. The methods used in producing it involve chemical processes, and concerns have been raised about these substances and their effect on people's health.

Colin Hon, Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Tuen Mun)

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Colin. Most people are concerned about GM food because they believe we just don't know enough about it yet. We don't know what long-term consequences might be on us or the environment.

Another issue people have is that the GM option places too much power in the hands of businesses who are only interested in making money.

Let's hope we can find a better way forwards.

Susan, Editor