Getting timing right is crucial

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 31 July, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 31 July, 2010, 12:00am

The time element of fung shui may explain why you struggle at work, even after shifting your desk to face a favourable direction.

Each hour and day is governed by a different element and animal. Select a good time and day to carry out specific activities, such as moving to a new office, signing a contract or opening a business. This information is presented in the Chinese Almanac.

There are three main schools of date selection. The first - the '12-Day Officers Method' - has 12 different days running in a clear sequence every 12 days. Some of the positive days are referred to as 'Establish, Stable and Success' days, while the negative ones include the 'Destruction and Danger' days. Each day has favourable and unfavourable activities to perform. On an 'Establish' day, for example, you can start a new job, but not renovate your office.

The second method - the '28 Lunar Constellations Method' - uses astrological information provided by the 28 traditional stars in Chinese astronomy. There are 28 different days with different favourable and unfavourable activities. Some fung shui masters prefer to combine the first and third methods.

Finally, the 'Three Harmony Method' takes into account the individual's year of birth and tailors activities accordingly. Essentially, the days governed by the animals that are in harmony with the zodiac animal of your year of birth are given precedence, while the days governed by the animal that clashes with your year of birth are avoided.

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