Editor's choice - Air

PUBLISHED : Friday, 06 August, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 06 August, 2010, 12:00am

Dream machine

A plane that sails or a boat that flies ... either way the Octuri Flying yacht is impressive. The trimaran sailing yacht can transform into a plane with the help of its four mobile masts (the sails retract and the four masts lower to become wings). Designed for the princes Aziz, Dawood & Hashim, corporate executives of Masqat Airways, the seaplane-convertible trimaran yacht makes a luxurious statement. It has two main decks with the lower featuring a main room, kitchen, toilet and a storage room and the upper has three rooms and a bathroom.

Cessna adds to fleet

Cessna has won federal approval for its latest corporate jet, the CJ4, and deliveries will start later this year. The cabin of the eight-passenger jet is longer than the CJ3 model, and the all-new wing borrows the swept-back design introduced on the larger Sovereign. The wing delivers aerodynamic enhancements that translate to better performance, with short takeoffs, quick climbs, and cruise speeds of more than 500 mph. The new electronically controlled engines are from Williams International, known for its fuel efficiency. For more visit www.cessna.com

Private way for BA

British Airways (BA), the UK flag-carrier, is launching an exclusive private jet service for BA passengers flying within North America and the Caribbean. The service, PrivateConnect, is in partnership with Cessna's CitationAir division. BA says it won't force customers into signing a long-term contract and will not ask for fees upfront. The service, available to members of the BA executive club programme, employees of the airline's corporate clients or anyone who has flown with BA in the past year, costs US$6,000 to US$10,000 per plane per hour.

New bloon rising

Astronauts say seeing the Earth from space is life changing {minus} that witnessing the fragile beauty of our planet puts everything in perspective. Barcelona-based zero2infinity is offering a near-space flight experience; the 'bloon', a pod that will soar to an altitude of 36 kilometres, pulled by a helium balloon. The company recently paid tribute to its country's World Cup victory by taking a Spanish football shirt on its first test flight. Bookings are being taken now for a lift off as early as 2013 or at the latest 2015. Passengers will see the curvature of Earth, the black starry sky in daylight, and the thin blue edge of the atmosphere. www.inbloon.com