PUBLISHED : Saturday, 07 August, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 07 August, 2010, 12:00am

Do not limit your aims in life

Being a Form Six student can be stressful, but I have discovered something that has given me inspiration.

Teachers always tell us that we should get used to the exam-oriented system because we have only one goal - to enter university. However, I have to ask if this is all students in Hong Kong have to look forward to.

Perhaps the model answer might be: enter university; find a well-paid job and get rich. Despite this, I want to share how we as students can still be optimistic.

Positive thinking - not listening to music, not talking to friends - is necessary. My friends are easily frustrated because their performances may be far from satisfactory. Are these results really so powerful? I don't think so.

I am seldom sad about my results since they are just a small part of my life. Enjoy school life, enjoy playing with friends, and try to appreciate all you can see, touch, and smell in the world.

Kanis Lam Tsz-kan, Pooi To Middle School

Death penalty gives no second chance

There are still many countries, such as China and the United States, which use the death penalty. Some believe it can deter people from committing crimes. I think the death penalty should be abolished.

No one has the power to take away people's lives even if they are murderers. Even though their crimes may be unforgivable, it does not mean that their lives must be taken as payback for what they have done. What the government must offer is more education, not punishment.

There are no second chances with the death penalty. Even though putting criminals in prison is costly and can involve overcrowding, the prisoners can still serve the community. Who knows what kind of contribution they may make in future? Taking away someone's freedom is already serious punishment. It is possible for them to change and become an example to society after they come out of jail.

Everyone makes mistakes and those in prison should be given a chance to change and be forgiven.

Rita Tso Wai-tak, Kit Sam Lam Bing Yim Secondary School

The difficult life of migrant workers

I am writing to draw your attention to the difficulties faced by migrant workers on the mainland. They are a cheap source of labour. However, despite their contributions, working conditions are poor as is their standard of living.

I think the central government should do more to help them and I also want more people to know about their situation.

A lot of accidents happen on the mainland. Migrant workers are always in danger. For example, an explosion in a mine in Heilongjiang last year killed at least 92 people. Thousands of miners die every year as the coal industry expands to meet the country's rising energy needs.

Factory owners ignore the safety of their workers and the government does not supervise the mining industry. The workers are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their jobs.

I hope the government will adopt policies to enable migrant workers to have the same rights as other citizens. It should also increase supervision of the industries they work in, especially the mining sector.

Sally Chan

Child kidnapping a serious problem

Many mainland children are being kidnapped and the police can't find them. I think more people in Hong Kong should be aware of this fact.

Most mainland couples are allowed to have only one baby. Traditionally, they have preferred boys over girls. If the first-born is a girl, those who are allowed to have a second child may want to ensure it is a boy by paying criminals to kidnap a child.

The situation is becoming serious as more children are being kidnapped to meet the growing demand. Unfortunately, there's severe corruption on the mainland. When the parents have no money, the police offer little help.

I urge the central government to introduce stricter laws and provide more funds to the police to catch those who are involved in this terrible trade. I also hope Hong Kong people will be able to support parents who have lost their children.

Anysia Leung