Cycling - eco-friendly transport

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 10 August, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 10 August, 2010, 12:00am

Cycling is becoming more popular worldwide. In the New Territories and on outlying islands, bicycles are the main means of transport. But there are not enough parking spaces for bicycles.

The government should provide more space for bicycle parking, especially at ferry piers and in housing estates.

Setting up more bicycle renting services would also help promote cycling. For example, in busy London, a citywide promotion of cycling is in full swing. People cycle to train stations and leave their bicycles there and take the Tube. Hong Kong should follow suit.

The government should immediately create more parking space for bicycles.

Tang Chi-chung, CCC Heep Woh College

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Chi-chung. Cycling is a quick way to get around, and provides very good exercise. While many people do cycle in rural areas of Hong Kong, the set-up of urban districts means that many young people have never ridden a bike.

This is a real shame, as much of Hong Kong is actually perfectly suited to cyclists - although it is a hilly city, many of the main roads and urban areas are flat, making them ideal for cycling.

But even if there were cycle lanes, as in many major cities, the problem of pollution would remain - cyclists would be forced to wear a heavy-duty mask to avoid breathing in too many fumes. What's more, drivers would need to be re-educated, as most of them are unfamiliar with how to react when near cyclists.

We always hear justified complaints about pollution in the city. There are just too many cars. But riding a bike here is too risky, so many people just don't do it. The government not only needs to set up more parking for bikes, but carefully consider the positive environmental and health impact it could make by making cycling more accessible.

Karly, Deputy Editor