Other buildings can hurt profits

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 14 August, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 14 August, 2010, 12:00am

There are fung shui factors that may explain your company's losses, in addition to reasons attributed to the state of the economy.

Have there been any external changes to the surroundings around you? If a much larger building has recently been built next to you, or directly opposite, this new structure may press down on your building and cause unwanted pressure which leads to slumping profits .

If buildings are towering over you, your staff may also experience health problems, so you should relocate. Also, look at the location of your front door. Have you relocated it recently, or changed its size or material? The front door needs to be in proportion to the rest of the office or shop. If it is too big, profits will not be kept. If it is too small, you may have problems attracting profit-making opportunities. If the material is opaque, or translucent, and you have made it transparent, then you will have difficulties maintaining profits, as the energy, or chi, will flow through the door.

Note also the location of the front door. It needs to be situated in the wealth sector, as per fung shui calculations.

Go to your front door and see if any new structures have been placed opposite it. Problems arise if there is a fire extinguisher, hose or axe located directly opposite it. If your neighbour, directly opposite, has installed a larger front door, it will compete with yours for chi within the environment. Increase the size of your door to be in line with your neighbour's.

Next week: more on using fung shui to help increase profits