Sony Move

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 22 August, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 22 August, 2010, 12:00am

Sony Move
Microsoft Kinect

Nintendo revolutionised the gaming world in late 2006 with the Nintendo Wii, which introduced a wireless controller that tracked gamers' movements in three dimensions.

Four years later the competition is finally catching up with the upcoming releases of the Sony Move motion control system and Microsoft's Kinect movement tracking system, both of which liberate gamers from the traditional games controllers.

Sony Move, to be released on September 15, will give every PlayStation 3 console the same interactive capabilities as the Wii. The system employs nearly the same interactive system as the Wii - even the controllers are very similar. The tracking of the remote controllers is done using a camera add-on device released last November as part of the pet simulator game Eye Pet.

Kinect goes one step further by freeing gamers from using any controllers at all. The Kinect is a camera device that is able to track players' movements and can also respond to audio commands.

In July, Microsoft released a 'Kinect-ready' version of its Xbox 360 console that has built-in hardware allowing users to plug and play the new device, while owners of earlier 360s will have to buy a supplementary adapter.

The Review took both systems for a test drive and found both to be very promising. Sony Move performed fairly well and we were able to play a couple of shooting games such as Resident Evil 5 and Time Crisis 4 along with a few family-oriented games such as Kung-Fu Rider and Ape Escape. As enjoyable as it was to play these games, however, there was an overwhelming feeling that Sony had ripped off the Wii.

On the other hand, the Kinect isn't just a simple carbon copy rubbed off onto another system and shows a lot more promise. Microsoft Hong Kong only had two short demo games for us to try, the impressive Dance Central and Kinect Sports (think Wii Olympics). Dance Central requires gamers to mirror the on-screen dancer's movements, and swinging your arms and shaking your booty are needed to score top marks. Kinect Sports had a limited demo with only the 100-metre hurdles event. This couch potato didn't like doing the hurdles in school so a biased thumbs down for this game.

Microsoft Hong Kong hasn't officially announced local prices yet, but look to pay about HK$1,170 for the Kinect add-on device and HK$2,369 for the new Kinect-ready Xbox 360 console.

Prices for the Sony Move start at HK$499 for the starter pack (including one PlayStation Move controller, a PlayStation Eye and starter disc).