Street shooters

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 02 September, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 02 September, 2010, 12:00am

Start From Zero

Street artist Dom founded Start From Zero (work above) a decade ago. 'Start' stands for STreet ART, STencil ART and STicker ART and 'from zero' refers to how Dom began doing street art from nothing. He says: 'I hope that when someone sees my stickers, they will, like me, start doing street art from 'zero'.' Dom was joined by Katol five years ago. They use stickers, posters and stencils to convey their optimistic message that you can start from scratch and nothing is impossible. They have published a sticker book and designed album covers for independent artists - as well as today's Going Out cover. This month and next they will have shows at ufoArtgallery and Above Second.


Set up in 2002, Graphicairlines consists of Tat and Vi, whose motto is to 'enjoy the voyage'. The multitalented duo design and illustrate, and have their own line of merchandise. But street art is their first love. Vi says: 'We express ourselves best through this media.' Their work can be found in Central, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui, and their character, Fat Face (centre), symbolises the pent-up frustration of Hongkongers. 'People here are full of materialistic desire and never seem to be satisfied,' says Vi. 'They are also so shortsighted.' Their message is for people to look beyond what in front of them, slow down and gain some insight. The duo exhibit their work worldwide. They currently have an exhibition in Macau after having shown in Taipei and New York earlier this year. 'We have quite a large following among the younger crowd and that's what matters to us.'

Invasian Magazine

Said to be the first and only magazine that covers Asian graffiti and culture in depth. The publication features graffiti, events, merchandise and music in Asia. One of its goals is to strengthen the Asian graffiti community and to share the Asian culture with the rest of the world. It organises the 'Wall Lords' graffiti contests (right) that bring together writers and crews from around the region. The last one was held on Sunday in Shanghai. Invasian has ties with Hong Kong and is a voice for the city's street artists.