The sweet smell of success

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 12 September, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 12 September, 2010, 12:00am

Katy Perry's latest album, Teenage Dream, takes bubblegum pop to a whole new level. Except it's more like candy floss - more fluffy, with less substance.

The album literally smells of the sickly pink treat. Upon opening the CD cover you'll be greeted by an undeniable scent. Take a bigger whiff and you'll realise it's candy floss, or maybe candy cane - either way, it reeks of excess.

The title track opens the album, establishing the mood for the entire disc: expect a string of dance-pop tracks with party beats, woven with lyrics focused on teen musings.

Perry enlists the help of West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg in the summer anthem California Gurls (try not to hurt yourself saying it). Original gangsta Snoop brings his stylised lazy rhymes, lagging behind the beat, to inject an urban edge to the song. This is one of the better tracks on the album. But there's no guarantee this collaboration will help Snoop regain his street cred.

As a collection, Teenage Dream brings out Perry's diversity, something she's developed since her twice Grammy-nominated debut album, One of the Boys. This album says a lot more lyrically and with very little subtlety.

Contains adult themes