Italian chic will add luxury to any home

PUBLISHED : Friday, 17 September, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 17 September, 2010, 12:00am

With more than 30 years in the sofa manufacturing industry in Italy, Cierre has become a well-known brand among those who adore style. As a result, it has developed a worldwide distribution network which is envied by rivals.

From an 11,000-square-metre production headquarters in Milan, the importance of craftsmanship is central to maintaining the high standards of the brand.

Cierre relies on specific processing and manufacturing techniques that belong to a great craft tradition regarded as most precious by the furniture maker.

Such core values of craftsmanship and knowledge are passed down from generation to generation, while at the same time the company embraces the challenges of modern times.

From Cierre's beginnings in Italy in 1972 to serving lovers of modern furniture in today's Hong Kong, these values have remained paramount. In July 2006, Cierre began providing high-end leather sofas to customers in the city with its first concept store in Asia. Two new stores opened in May 2008 to ensure a greater variety of Cierre leather products for Hong Kong customers.

From the outset of its formation in Milan, Cierre has been thinking globally and, in a short time, the company became a substantial player in the luxury furniture sector.

Following the cultural tradition of a family-run business, Cierre approached the new global market's challenges with flexibility and efficiency.

Cierre has been careful not to waver from its target of manufacturing products to a high standard and with great reliability. On top of this comes a pride in extremely efficient service.

The brand believes that furniture is not only for an individual but also for the whole family to enjoy. Cierre provides customers with an enduring concept of homeliness rather than a sole focus on furniture.

In Italy, the company has a complete line of furniture and products such as leather sofas, dining sets and more based around a variety of choices and combinations to meet the varying needs of customers and their families.

'Living in leather' is another principle at the heart of Cierre craftsmanship. Leather processing has been a trade profession in Italy for more than a century and Cierre is seen as an expert in this field. Leather is not simply a core substance for products; Cierre wants people to appreciate its lifestyle elements.

Succinct, cosy and elegant with a sense of the aesthetic are the attributes Cierre wants to bring forth in its products. The management team looks after fine details and quality assurance in production that go beyond the highest international standards, with more than 70 colours at shops, 200 colours in the exotic leather programme and eight grades of leather for customers to choose from.

Customer service is also prized, with flexibility in sizing, quality and colour of leather. There is a five-year warranty with the internal frame structure, while a special crew from Cierre's customer service department has been set up to provide a repair service.

Sofas from Cierre are displayed with furnishings from Italy to give customers a greater sense of the home setting in the context of an Italian lifestyle. On a visit to Cierre concept stores in Hong Kong, the aim is to let customers experience the 'epitome of art and living with fine Italian design by Cierre' in addition to fine art by popular contemporary artists.