Public Eye

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 29 September, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 September, 2010, 12:00am

Blitz on jaywalkers! What about selfish drivers

Did you know our caring crime-fighters are in the middle of a two-week road safety blitz to stop you from being run over? They care so much about your wellbeing that they'll hit you with a hefty fine if you're caught jaywalking. But do you know why people jaywalk? Public Eye will tell you. It's because they get sick and tired of having to wait so long for the red light to turn green. The top priority of our entire system of traffic lights is to move traffic, not pedestrians. They're just an afterthought. Don't believe us? Time the lights yourself at any crossing. People are made to stand in the hot sun for what seems like forever while air-conditioned cars receive the royal treatment. So many people gather on both sides to cross, especially in busy Central, that when they finally get a green light the rush to make it to the other side resembles two armies clashing. We've seen elderly people struggling to make it in the few seconds they're allowed before the lights go red again. The police want to target jaywalkers. But how come they don't target vehicles that illegally block crossings when they have a red? How come they don't target drivers who honk continuously in traffic jams? How come they don't target drivers who won't yield to pedestrians on crossings without lights? How come they don't target vehicles that block tram-only lanes? Protecting the public's safety? Humbug! More like protecting traffic flow. And this in a city where people are urged to walk to promote clean air.

Commonwealth ready for dustbin of history ...

Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates says India should never have been awarded the Commonwealth Games. Public Eye will go one step further. No country should have been given it. The Games should be forever scrapped. And so should the Commonwealth. Nobody takes any serious notice of this nonsensical organisation any more anyway. If it wasn't for India's monumental mess-up, few would have even known about the sporting event. The Commonwealth is a product of British imperialism. Its existence today is like a joke. It has very little global clout and even less recognition. Let's just kill it off and be done with.

... along with car-free day and no air-con day

You know what else needs to be scrapped? Car-free day. It's stupid. So what if Chief Secretary Henry Tang Ying-yen took a taxi to work. How's that so different from taking his own car anyway? Why is it such a big deal that our chief executive walked the few minutes to work on car-free day? And that half a dozen other top officials took public transport? We act as if they've all made a huge sacrifice in the name of clean air. They only do it once a year, for goodness sake. They still ride in their chauffeured, taxpayer-financed gas guzzlers for the remaining 364 days of the year. Car-free day does nothing for clean air. It just buys our bureaucrats free publicity. They give up their cars just for the morning commute - not even the whole day - but the impression left is that they really care about fighting our filthy air. If they really care, they should ride public transport every day, not just once a year. And now we've got all this nonsense about asking our officials, businesses and everyone else to switch off air conditioners from 7pm tonight for 12 hours. So what if that'll cut 1,100 tonnes of carbon emissions? You really think that'll make any difference? Get real. All it does is make us delude ourselves that we've done our bit for the environment.

Flying the flag of patriotism

Legislator Wong Kwok-hing of the Federation of Trade Unions is furious that our police stations only fly the national flag on special occasions, not daily. He says that's unpatriotic. Patriotism doesn't come from flags fluttering in the wind. It stems from something deeper. We won't waste our time trying to explain that to Wong.