PUBLISHED : Sunday, 03 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 03 October, 2010, 12:00am

G/F 71 San Hing Praya Street
Cheung Chau Island
Tel 2986 9767

Grub: Morocco's is essentially an Indian restaurant, though it also has many Thai dishes, including hotpot.

Vibe: Quiet during weekday lunch, but it gets much busier at weekends. Sit along the waterfront if you don't mind rented bicycles whizzing past every few moments while you eat. The interior is air-conditioned.

Who to bring: Unless you live in Cheung Chau, you would probably be enjoying a day out with family and friends. It would help if they enjoy spicy food.

What's hot: Try mixing Indian and Thai dishes, but you need to be quite familiar with your food orders to make them work well together. Indian cuisine blends a wide range of spices together, whereas the distinctive tangy Thai flavours come from mainly lime, lemon grass, coriander, ginger and chilli.

The selection of classic Thai dishes is good - tom yam soup is always tempting, as are the salads, which come with beef, minced pork, chicken feet or the infamous green papaya. The papaya salad can be very hot, so proceed with caution. Red and green curries, vegetable dishes and spring rolls are available.

But it is an Indian restaurant at heart, so the choices for Indian fare are better. The full range of starters includes samosas, pakora and onion bhaji, which was very tasty and different from the usual. Often the strips of onion are fried together to form cakes, but here they were quite loose. The chicken tikka had been marinated in a minty yogurt. Again it is good, but quite different from what you might expect. There is a good selection of vegetarian curries. Dal turka made with yellow mung beans is recommended, and don't forget to order some naan to mop your plates clean at the end.

What's not: It is pleasant to sit outside on a nice day but there are few tables. At weekends the bicycle traffic is irritating.