PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 October, 2010, 12:00am

Green buses would greatly benefit HK

KMB is trying out a bus which runs on electricity and, it is claimed, emits zero emissions.

The company has leased the bus from a Shanghai company for six months to see how it will do on Hong Kong's roads. It plans to introduce the model to its line of buses within a year.

This 'green' bus runs on a super-capacitor system, which has several advantages. First, it can be recharged in short bursts at regular intervals without damaging the battery.

Second, it does not rely on chemical reactions to produce energy, so no chemicals will be emitted. Third, it runs on an anti-current system. Every time the bus driver brakes, the battery recharges so the bus will not run out of electricity.

If this green bus is used in Hong Kong it will help improve air quality. The amount of greenhouse gases emitted will be reduced. If the bus is used on all routes, the effect will be even bigger.

The problem of global warming is worsening - it's time to do something to make it a difference.

Simon Ko Chin-hung, Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School

Girls must learn to be more confident

Many teenage girls suffer from low self-esteem. Some are happy with their school results and friendships, but most are not confident with their appearance. This is largely due to the influence of the media. All actresses and models are stick-thin. Girls feel pressured to look like them, and they associate 'thin' with 'beautiful'.

Some girls try to improve their looks by going on a diet or taking slimming pills. But this is not good for them. It is bad for their health as their bodies are still developing.

In addition, the more time girls spend on the internet, the less time they have for their friends and family and for outdoor activities.

I think schools should organise more activities to help students interact with each other after class.

Chan Ho-yan, SKH Li Fook Hing Secondary School

School uniforms have their uses

Many students complain about having to wear school uniforms, but uniforms serve a purpose.

Some students complain that uniforms are expensive, old-fashioned and uncomfortable.

But if students did not have to wear uniforms, they would have to choose what to wear every day. And school would become a place where students compete to look their best. This would not be good for their studies. All we need to do in the morning is get up, wash up, throw on our uniform and go to school. It saves a lot of time.

Although uniforms can be a little expensive, students only need one to two sets.

I think uniforms are the symbol of a school. They give students a sense of belonging and identity.

We are just students. There are plenty of chances for us to dress up after we graduate. There's no hurry to play fashionista.

Zuki Nam Cheuk-ling, The Methodist Lee Wai Lee College

There's a place for internet shorthand

People use a lot of abbreviations and slang on the internet, but such shorthand should not be used in school.

Phrases like 'LOL' and 'how r u' help to save time when chatting via the internet or text messaging, but it's not proper English, even though it's popular in a world dominated by the internet. Using it too much affects students' grammar and vocabulary. Save it for informal communication.

Kim Chan, Hang Seng School of Commerce

Thumbs up for electronic textbooks

I strongly support the use of electronic textbooks. Using e-books can reduce the weight of students' school bags. They only need to carry an electronic device instead of a whole pile of textbooks.

Moreover, electronic textbooks may boost students' motivation to learn as more material can be incorporated in a fun and interactive way.

E-books are also easy to revise, compared to paper textbooks.

All in all, e-books are useful and worth introducing in schools.

Kennly Chak Ting-hin, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School