Chic retailer offers customised sleep experience

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 October, 2010, 12:00am

Chic bedroom furniture retailer Okooko, on the 27th floor of Horizon Plaza, is turning the way we think about sleep on its head. Its unique bedroom furniture and accessories are designed around the concept of personalising the sleep experience through customised techniques and design solutions.

The New Zealand company's commitment towards environmental sustainability spans the gamut of the product cycle, from the sourcing of wood that has been sustainably harvested, from carefully managed native forests, to using natural materials that are breathable, resistant to bacteria and free of dyes and odours. Wherever possible, materials from nature are selected over man-made synthetics.

'At night, your body goes through a regenerative process, from cell regeneration to the pores opening up. Considering we spend one-third of our lives in bed, you want to make sure the materials used in your bed are as natural as possible and that it offers the right postural alignment support,' says Rochelle Le Pine, managing director of Okooko Hong Kong.

All mattresses are made entirely of latex from rubber trees grown in sustainable plantations. 'Latex mattresses offer superior support and a much longer lifespan than conventional pocket spring mattresses,' she explains. 'Research has shown latex mattresses only lose 1 per cent elasticity after 15 years, while doctors typically recommend mattresses to be changed every seven to 10 years due to the softening of elasticity and changes in people's shape and weight in addition to the gathering of dust mites and bugs,' she says.

The brand has developed a sleep prescription system that can customise a recommended sleep solution for each individual based on age, weight, health issues and sleep preferences. The bed can then be fully customised based on the choice of flexible slat beds, mattresses and base sets.

Okooko's ethos is scoring high points with increasingly eco-conscious customers who are environmentally friendly and, at the same time, appreciate the benefits of an environmentally sustainable product.

The brand will launch a children's line early next year, using the same concepts, for a range that will target children aged five to 15.

Okooko's most popular designs include the Matisse bed, which features innovative storage space, and Pause, which offers an integrated iPod universal dock and Bose speaker system in addition to optional accessories, such as minimalist side lamps and aluminium storage trays.

'In designing Pause, we explored the notion of rest, whether it be while awake or through sleep, and how we choose to create our own personal bedroom space,' says Dan Gillingham, who designed the bed.

'In doing so, the conceptual design of Pause aimed to challenge the conventional definition of the bedroom environment. The resulting design incorporates functionality that lets your mood guide the pace.'