Shops let buyers delight in diversity

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 October, 2010, 12:00am

A large showroom featuring bargain-priced pianos; more than 10,000 sqft of space devoted to grooming and exercise for pets; and an exclusive custom steel-furniture design studio are among the businesses that make Horizon Plaza an attractive destination.

After a recent expansion, Whiskers N Paws pet product superstore covers 5,000 sqft, while its outdoor patio space, 'Bark Park on 10', covers another 5,000 sqft. The shop sells a range of products including food, treats, toys, grooming and health-care products for cats and dogs, and pet-themed giftware. Various packages are on offer tailored to the needs of individual pooches at the grooming centre, including shampooing, teeth-brushing, fur brushing and even a 'paw-ticure'.

Bark Park on 10 offers a safe environment for dogs and their owners to get exercise in the city, says Andrew Wong of Whiskers N Paws. 'It also offers comfortable outdoor seating arrangements for animal lovers to come together to share stories and experiences,' he says. 'Dogs coming in for grooming also love getting a good dose of play time before and after the grooming sessions. We have a doggie playground for the more adventurous and athletic pooches.' Whiskers N Paws also hosts an adoption day with Hong Kong Dog Rescue every Sunday afternoon.

Piano Warehouse's large stock should have something that meets the needs of budding musicians and seasoned pianists. The shop, located on the 20th floor, has up to 40 pianos from grand to upright models on display at any one time. World renowned brands such as Kawai and Yamaha are available, and top European and Korean makes. 'We sell second-hand pianos and brand new ones, which are either parallel imports or displayed items from other retailers,' says Piano Warehouse's James Liu.

Piano Warehouse's prices set it apart from the competition. Liu says second-hand items can be 50 per cent less expensive than new models, while the parallel imports and display items can be up to 10 to 20 per cent less than those available at authorised retailers.

Liu says knowledgeable staff can help customers make their selections, and that all items sold come with a 10-year warranty and up to two free tuning sessions. The shop also rents out pianos for up to six months.

On the 12th floor, Tim Ho's steel furniture designs are about more than utility-oriented document filing cabinets. The custom-made steel-furniture design studio specialises in pieces that exude luxury and are highly decorative, such as a sofa bed that is warm and inviting despite its sturdy construction. Its cushions even have sewn-in magnets to prevent them from slipping, says Fiona Ng of Tim Ho.

The Schizzo display cabinet and chair are among the shop's latest designs. The piece resembles a sculpture with lines and irregular geometric shapes. It challenges the conventional notion of a cabinet. 'Schizzo has different appearances when it is viewed looks different when viewed from different angles,' Ng says.

Piano Warehouse has about 40 pianos on display at once.