Great things in small packages

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 October, 2010, 12:00am

Horizon Plaza features an array of retailers specialising in maternity and baby products, children's clothing, books and all types of furniture, including custom-made beds, desks and chairs.

In this information age, children as young as four are spending more time on their personal computers, so correct posture is essential for the long-term, healthy growth of their spines.

Nerd Kids for Living, on the 19th floor, has introduced a new range of patent-pending HugM chairs of ergonomic design for children aged from four to early teens. The original technology and design for HugM chairs was developed in Germany. A Taiwanese manufacturer, Artso, has acquired the licence to produce the chairs.

'HugM chairs provide good lumbar support for young kids,' says Joan Szeto, a partner in Nerd.

The HugM chair's unique ergonomically shaped 'double back' system helps reduce stress on the back. As the double back is independently mounted, even as the user moves around or picks up a pen, he or she will continue to get full back support.

'HugM chairs will adjust to your seating posture naturally, no matter how much you twist and move,' Szeto adds. In addition, the seats and backs are made of intelligent Tempur material, which is sensitive to temperature. The Tempur seat softens and moulds itself to fit the contours perfectly when it comes into contact with a body.

The well-being of newborns is the focus of retailer Honey Berrie on the 19th floor. Among its best-sellers are donut pillows of the Nishikawa 1566 brand from Japan. The pillow, which has a slightly lower centre, helps to ensure babies develop perfectly shaped skulls.

The pillows, in 100 per cent fine cotton, are available in various sizes for newborns and infants aged up to three, says Jenny Lam of Honey Berrie.

Another popular item is the MaMaFun pillow, which is designed to let mothers slip their arms from underneath a sleeping baby's head easily without waking the child. Customers can also find a full range of Japanese-made babies' bedding sets, that include a quilt, quilt cover, fitted sheet, pillow and pillow case. 'Most bedding and linens made in Japan are of high quality. Fine cotton is used for the delicate skin of babies,' Lam says. Kensy Furniture, on the 10th floor, provides an eco-friendly slant on children's beds.

The company supplies custom-made baby cribs in solid teak with a non-toxic finish that can be transformed into single beds for children aged up to 10, says Kitty Yau of Kensy. 'The advantages of solid teak include its durability, naturalness and high resistance to termites,' she adds.

The crib is equipped with a double-positioned mattress board to accommodate an infant through its various developmental stages. A dresser in matching solid teak design is also available.

The dresser, which has three drawers, can also be used as a nappy-changing table, with a changing pad available separately.