Vast assortment of styles leaves customers floored

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 October, 2010, 12:00am

From vibrantly coloured shag carpets to Tibetan rugs and classic Persian designs, CarpetBuyer, on the 17th floor of Horizon Plaza, carries something to suit most tastes.

'We strive to be a one-stop shop of 'everyday' carpets,' says Nadeem Butt, who opened CarpetBuyer in 2003. 'People who have just relocated to Hong Kong can find carpets of various sizes, colours and designs.'

CarpetBuyer buys new and older carpets in bulk to keep prices low. 'Everything is available at a 50 per cent discount from the original prices,' he says.

Tibetan rugs, featuring contemporary designs, are a popular choice, says Heena Mir, senior sales executive at CarpetBuyer. 'The patterns are simple and characterised with geometric shapes and Aztec motifs. They are available in a broad range of sizes, from three-by-five feet to 10-by-14 feet.'

The Tibetan rugs are mainly available in bright two-toned designs and are trendy, Butt says. 'These carpets complete a room. They just bring all furnishings together.' The manufacturers follow international home furnishings design trends closely, so that the carpets' patterns and colour combinations complement the latest trends, he says.

CarpetBuyer experts will guide first-time purchasers through the shop's huge collection, beginning with the Tibetan carpets. 'Then we will move on to the designer nomad variety from Afghanistan and Iran. The designs are heavily influenced by contemporary European designers. These hand-knotted carpets made with hand-spun wool ... are all coloured with natural, organic dyes and wool colours.'

CarpetBuyer has a vast selection of upscale Persian carpets, many of which are between 20 and 50 years old, and are made by Iran's village tribes. Each design is unique to the village that produced it, and many of them are simple with vibrant colours, Butt says.

While most Persian carpets are woven in wool, some incorporate classical floral design details in silk, Butt says.

CarpetBuyer makes it easy to view the store's Persian carpet selection by having them hung from racks that customers can flip through.

CarpetBuyer's bright soft shag and silk shag carpets are popular, Mir says. These polyester carpets are made on the mainland and only require regularly vacuuming to be kept looking fresh.

CarpetBuyer provides maintenance services, including carpet dry-cleaning and shampooing and also does repairs. The shop also supplies underlay made in the United States for small, lightweight carpets to prevent slipping.