Musical mind

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 October, 2010, 12:00am

DBS Bank senior economist Chris Leung's philosophy of not following the norm and never judging a book by its cover is reflected in how he chooses his watches.

'I don't pick watches just for how they look, but for their internal mechanisms and uniqueness where I can see a lot of research and development has been invested.'

Although he is in an industry where time is precious, Leung doesn't like to follow the crowd and forces himself to adhere to a strict daily regimen to do certain tasks at specific times.

'Time should be in your hands and not the other way around where time dictates what you do.

'There are mandatory things I have to do every day but I prioritise my time well and allow myself to be flexible. In this way, I work more effectively.'

His attitude and drive to think outside the box has led to his success in finance.

Leung was the mastermind behind a successful investment project on the mainland's high-speed railway project when many didn't recognise its potential early on.

Nonetheless, Leung does not like to boast of his success.

'I don't like boasting to get fame because I believe if you have the skills and talent, people will recognise it sooner or later.'

Outside work, Leung's main hobby is putting together his own audio system. He started pursuing this hobby more than 10 years ago and he owns his own audio room.

He says the hobby keeps him interested as not a lot of people would invest such a large amount of time and effort into building up an audio system.

He says that his enthusiasm for audio isn't relaxing all the time, as he mostly focuses on listening to the quality of the sound and thinks of ways to improve it instead of enjoying the beauty of the music itself.

Leung's dream is to build an audio system that would render sound as if the people playing the music were in the same room with him. However, he says that assembling the perfect audio system takes time, experience and patience, so he doesn't expect that his dream will be realised anytime soon.

'I don't accept the status quo, I like to go the extra mile and this hobby could be a lifetime activity for me,' Leung says.