Passion for life

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 October, 2010, 12:00am

Corrin Chan, CEO of iOne Financial Press, says her passionate personality laid the foundation of her success.

'I have passion for life and cherish everything and everyone around me like my job, my family and my friends,' Chan says.

Her dedication pushes her to make the most out of every moment.

'I cherish every moment I have because I want to create a good future,' she says.

Such an intense focus means that Chan has a lot on her plate, making her ability to multitask essential to balancing her workload.

She is one of the founders of iOne Financial Press and she dedicates most of her time to the company.

She admits she finds it hard to switch out of work mode and relax.

'Relaxing is sometimes difficult for me and at times I have to force myself to divide my time between work and rest. One's mind works more efficiently after a good rest,' she says.

Chan enjoys shopping and dabbling in fashion design during her time off.

Her love for shopping has taken her around the world, which she says has helped broaden her horizons and allowed her to experience how other people live.

'Through travelling around the world shopping, I get to see and experience so many different cultures,' she says.

Her favourite travel destinations include Paris, New York City, and Tokyo. Each place gives her a different feeling, she says.

'In Tokyo, there are always so many new inventions to see. Everything in Paris is so delicate and detailed, and in New York, designs are highly respected,' Chan says.

Besides shopping, she also enjoys designing her own unique fashions.

'I like designing clothes and I have my own brand called Homebird. I draw the design and choose the materials before sending it off to be made.'

However, Chan says that her designs are only for her personal use and she doesn't plan to publicly showcase them.

She also has a keen interest in watches. She has more than 10 and says her choices reflect her independent nature.

'When people see me, they would expect me to be wearing feminine watches, but I prefer to wear masculine watches which portray a sense of toughness that represents my personality,' Chan says.