Donald Tsang

Public Eye

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 October, 2010, 12:00am


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More proof that at the top you do what you like

What smells even worse than the stench from the Tseung Kwan O garbage dump? It's the stench from the fact that New Territories kingpin Lau Wong-fat remains a top policy adviser in Donald Tsang Yam-kuen's government. Virtually every day there are new disclosures of Lau breaking the rules on declaring his property assets. As an executive councillor, he must disclose all property dealings to avoid conflicts of interest. Not only has he failed to do that, he's also reaped huge profits from property speculation. Yes, a policy adviser of the government - which is trying to cool the property market - is himself a speculator. And he still gets to keep his job. He claimed it was an oversight when the media first revealed his secretive property holdings. But then the number of undeclared assets grew, and grew, and grew. Last week he admitted owning another 390 undeclared assets, bringing his property portfolio to 724. That's some oversight, wouldn't you say? Now it's being alleged four lots of his New Territories land have been rented out in violation of lease conditions. Lau can restore Exco's credibility by resigning. If he doesn't, Tsang should fire him. If he gets to stay, it further proves that Hong Kong's privileged class can get away with anything.

URA shows its true colours with 'coffins'

Were you sickened by the news that greed in the property sector is so out of control that a developer is demanding nearly HK$6 million for 275 square feet of living space in Wan Chai? Did it make you want to puke that the taxpayer-funded Urban Renewal Authority is part of this stomach-churning greed? The authority paints itself as a kind and caring saint, redeveloping run-down neighbourhoods for the people. But in reality it is a crook. It forces out families, demolishes their homes and builds new ones that only the rich can afford. It scavenges all over town like a vulture, reaping billions in profits. Just go to any site of an old building where regular people once lived that has now become luxury flats that no regular person can afford. That's what the authority does. That's its definition of creating a better living environment for the people. It did that on Queen's Road East, forcing out families so it could jointly redevelop the site with the Nan Fung Group. They're calling it Queen's Cube. They want nearly HK$6 million for 400 sq ft flats that have actual living space of just 275 sq ft. Instead of calling it Queen's Cube we suggest they more aptly call it Queen's Coffin. Not only are the flats practically coffin-sized, the URA is killing the people.

India needs to grasp logic of racism

Here's the thing about racism: you lose if you whine about being a victim. Your whining is a confession that you are inferior to the racist. The racism logic is simple: racists only discriminate against those they consider to be inferior to them. India has made the silly mistake of not understanding this logic. It whined about New Zealand TV host Paul Henry mocking New Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit's name and saying: 'It's so appropriate because she's Indian.' By demanding an apology India admitted it is at the inferior end of racism. India is a rising superpower with global clout. New Zealand is a global lightweight, a backwater nation with more sheep than people. Racism's logic therefore suggests that if there's any discrimination to be done, it should be the other way round. Public Eye is not saying India should do this. But it needs to get rid of the old mindset that just because it is a nation of brown people it is automatically at the inferior end of racism. The world's powerhouses are now China, India and Brazil. The people there are not white. If Indians don't like Henry's taunts, it can taunt back. We're sure the country has plenty of TV hosts witty enough to do that. If they don't want to do that, then just ignore the taunts. But please don't whine.