The signatories

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 October, 2010, 12:00am

Li Rui , former deputy head of the CCP Organisation Department/former secretary for Mao Zedong

Hu Jiwei , former editor-in-chief of People's Daily

Yu You , former deputy editor-in-chief of China Daily

Li Pu , former vice-president of Xinhua News Agency

Zhong Peizhang , former chief of News Bureau of the CCP Central Propaganda Department

Jiang Ping , former President of China University of Political Science and Law

Zhou Shaoming , former deputy director of political dept of Guangzhou Military Command

Zhang Zhongpei , former head of Palace Museum; head of council of Archaeological Society of China

Du Guang , professor of the Central Party School

Guo Daohui , former editor-in-chief, China Legal Science Magazine

Xiao Mo , former head of the Institute of Architectural Art of China Art Academy

Zhuang Puming , former vice-president, People's Publishing House

Hu Fuchen , former editor-in-chief, China Worker Publishing House

Zhang Ding , former president of Social Sciences Academic Press of China Academy of Social Sciences

Ouyang Jin , editor-in-chief of Pacific Magazine in Hong Kong

Yu Haocheng , former president of Qunzhong Press

Zhang Qing , former president of China Film Publishing House

Yu Yueting , former president of Fujian TV station

Sha Yexin , former president, Shanghai People's Art Theatre, author

Sun Xupei, former president of Journalism Institute of China Academy of Social Sciences

Xin Ziling , former director of Contemporary China Editorial Bureau under the National Defence University

Tie Liu, editor of private publication The Past with Traces, author

Wang Yongcheng , professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University