We've got your number

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 19 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 19 October, 2010, 12:00am

I love learning more about myself and others. What makes me tick? And why does something bother me, but not worry my best friend? What makes us so different? Numerology, also known as the ancient science of numbers, is one way of finding out who you are, why you're here and what challenges and opportunities you're likely to face.

There are lots of different aspects of numerology, but the easiest way to define your personality is to work out your 'birth force' or Life Number.

The Life number is simply the total of all the numbers in your full date of birth. You will be any number from One to Nine (and some people are Master Numbers -11, 22, 33 or 44 - but we won't go into that today).

The Life Number tells you all about your basic self - your talents, weaknesses, strengths and career potential.

I'll tell you about one of our readers, Matthew Murchie, who was born on December 8, 1993.

Life Number 6 Matthew was born under the influence of the number six - he is a compassionate person destined to be of service to others.

Although he might not realise it yet, Matthew is a natural healer and helper. People will find themselves turning to him in times of trouble - and as he matures, he'll discover that he often has just the right answer or helpful idea for them.

Young Six people are often frightened of their ability to care for others, as this brings with it a lot of responsibility. While Matthew might rather play games or hang out with his friends, he will find that others automatically seem to ask more of him than they do others.

He might rebel against this, wondering why he always seems to be the one loaded with more responsibilities than his friends or siblings. Matthew has an ability to counsel others because he is naturally strong and able to cut through the fluff to find the heart of a problem.

Responsibility is part and parcel of a Six life experience. Domestic duty, social service and being a good friend is what it's all about. That doesn't mean giving up precious time for himself, of course. Quite simply, Matthew must accept the fact that people need him - and he needs them to grow spiritually.

Idealistic, sympathetic and kind, Matthew could be taken advantage of by fickle girls who fall for his good looks and pleasant personality. When choosing a romantic partner, Matthew should be very careful that he doesn't fall in love with someone just because he feels sorry for them or wants to rescue them from their problems. He would be better off choosing a strong, positive woman than a sad, troubled one who might end up using him or robbing him of all his warm and helpful energy. As a friend, son and brother, Matthew is loyal to those he cares about. He enjoys being needed, even if he moans about having to help his grandmother with shopping or assisting a younger sister with maths homework.

Sixes were born to be crowd-pleasers. When Matthew is on top of his game, he will be adored by everybody - and might be surprised at just how much he is admired. A challenge for Matthew is his love of food. Even if he's very sporty, he'll probably enjoy sweet treats or savoury snacks, so if this is the case, it's important that he has a good exercise routine in place to build muscle and burn fat fast. Generally, Matthew is the type of person who wants people to get along. Like the Two life number, he hates it when people fight, even though he might find himself in the middle of an argument when he's trying to get everybody to calm down.

Although humble, he is a proud person who can be pushed only so far before he realises that he is being taken for a joy ride. Watch out. Matthew is a nice guy, but taking advantage of him could result in him cutting you out of his life.

He will do well in whichever career he chooses, but hobbies, relationships and other interests are just as important to him as putting lots of money in the bank, or living in a fancy house.

By developing his caring nature, Matthew will have healthy, happy relationships, the opportunity to excel in his career and the ability to attract what he needs.