A feast of film for the fright of your life

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 31 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 31 October, 2010, 12:00am

Film has the potential to arouse fear more than almost any other form of storytelling. And since it's Halloween, there's no better way to get into the ghostly spirit than to talk about scary films - ones that make your blood curdle. So, without further ado, here are Sunday Young Post's picks for the most spooktacular films of all time ...

If you're easily scared, you may want to put the paper down ...

The Blair Witch Project

After watching The Blair Witch Project, I was so spooked I slept with the lights on and washed my hair with my eyes wide open. The pseudo-documentary style made you feel like you were on location and added a whole new dimension of realism to horror films. Just thinking about the final scene gives me the heebie-jeebies all over again. I may need to break out the Johnson's No More Tears shampoo tonight! Barry C Chung

The Ring

It would have to be The Ring, a Japanese horror movie from about 10 years ago. The scene when the spirit of Sadako crawls out from the television still haunts me. The scariest things come from the most ordinary objects of daily life. When midnight strikes on Halloween, I can't help but imagine Sadako climbing out from the TV or even my computer - it gives me an excuse to switch off and hide under a blanket. Jennifer Lo

Tales from the Crypt (TV series)

The scariest thing I've ever watched is Tales from the Crypt, a television series. It contains a series of creepy tales. There was one about a man who was drowned. After his death, he returned to the shore to find the murderer. His body was wet and all rotten and he walked very slowly ... The creepy image still remains in my mind years later. Mabel Sieh

The Wizard of Oz

I'm really not very good with scary films. I watched What Lies Beneath twice, inexplicably, and The Sixth Sense made me jump out of my seat at least five times. I can't even think about the possibility of watching something like Saw or The Exorcist. But possibly my scariest film experience was watching The Wizard of Oz when I was about four. I had to run behind the sofa when the witch rode past Dorothy's window on her broomstick, cackling. Even thinking about it now makes me check over my shoulder and scout out my surroundings for somewhere to hide. Karly Cox

The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock managed, with the techniques of his time, to make a movie extremely scary without using - or abusing - gore. Even though I saw this movie ages ago, I can remember the precise noise of the flock of black birds attacking people. I think it really stands out in the horror genre; I haven't seen a movie like this since. Olivia Chavassieu


The scary movie that really sticks in my head is the first Scream movie. The opening scene, where a teenager played by Drew Barrymore answers a call from someone who says he is watching her from outside her house, is really scary and it just gets worse from there. We're continually left guessing 'whodunit' while the body count piles up. The Scream mask is now a regular feature at Halloween parties. Maggie Chen

Resident Evil

After I saw the original Resident Evil, I had nightmares for at least a week. The slow, labouring walk and the creepy sound the zombies make completely freaked me out. Even today, just seeing the game or clips from the film brings back memories I wish would remain dormant. Wong Yat-hei

101 Dalmatians

Back in the dog pound, nothing scared me more than 101 Dalmatians. Just the thought of dog fur garments gives me the chills.

Dennis, SYP Mascot