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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 16 November, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 16 November, 2010, 12:00am

Reading comprehension

1 Peter Lee Ka-kit used a surrogate mother in the United States ...

i) because he is unmarried.

ii) because he has two daughters and wanted a son.

iii) because his father told him to.

iv) because surrogacy is illegal in Hong Kong.

a. all of the above

b. i) and iii)

c. ii) and iv)

d. i) and iv)

2 Various groups have called Lee's actions immoral because ...

a. they ignore the rights of the children as individuals.

b. he won't have time to spend with his children.

c. he didn't pay the mother.

d. he should have used a Hong Kong woman as the surrogate.

3 Hong Kong students mostly ...

i) support the idea of surrogacy.

ii) believe a father and a mother are important in raising a healthy child.

iii) think surrogacy should be legalised.

iv) believe Lee should have adopted instead.

a. i), ii) and iii)

b. iv)

c. i) and iv)

d. ii) and iv)

Think about

1 Lee Shau-kee is giving away millions of dollars to celebrate the birth of his grandsons, but made no such gesture for his two granddaughters. Does this old-fashioned preference for male heirs have a place in modern-day Hong Kong?

2 Should surrogate mothers have any rights to have access to their children? Should they have any obligations to them?

3 Peter Lee paid a woman to give birth to his sons. How do you put a price on a child's life?

4 What are your views on surrogacy? In what circumstances do you think it is justified?


1 The documentary on animal testing ... very strong emotions for Helen, who owns three dogs and sponsors many others overseas.

2 The crime scene investigators had to ... from the bank where the robbers had stolen HK$50 million worth of gold bars.

3 The school's rule that students attend a Catholic service every morning ... the Buddhist students' beliefs.


Reading comprehension: 1. d, 2. a, 3. d

Vocabulary: 1. stirred up, 2. gather evidence, 3. infringed upon