Game if you are: the latest action stations

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 07 December, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 07 December, 2010, 12:00am

Console: Nintendo

Platform: Wii

Games/activities: Sports Resort offers a range of activities such as table tennis, golf, bowling, and even canoeing, jet skiing and stunt flying. With the Balance Board users can use the Wii Fit Plus program which includes strength-training and yoga exercises as well as juggling, skateboarding and running. Those who enjoy shaking things up a little can try the Rhythm Kungfu routine. Up to eight people can take turns to challenge each other on the Balance Board, which, among other things, features a calorie counter.

Price: console, HK$ 1,799; Balance Board (bundled with Wii Fit Plus program), HK$799

Console: Xbox 360 4GB

Platform: Kinect

Games/activities: With three built-in cameras that track the user's whole body, it gives freer, more realistic play. For instance, you can move like a pro by following the easy on-screen steps in Dance Central. With the Kinectimal game, players can stroke the virtual tiger cub without being limited by controllers. With 13 Kinect games available in Hong Kong, there's a fair range of activities to choose from. The Kinect Joy Ride, for instance, is a driving game that lets players perform stunts without a controller. Its sports function offers volleyball, soccer, boxing, bowling, ping-pong and track and field events such as sprinting and high jump.

Price: XBox 360 console with Kinect, HK$2,499; Kinect without console, HK$1,169

Console: Playstation3 320GB

Platform: Move

Games/activities: The Move controller works especially well with games such as Start the Party, where it can be used as a paintbrush, a hammer or a net to catch bugs. Sports options are similar to Wii - there are various racket games, golf and archery - but with more realistic, high-definition graphics. Karaoke games such as Sing Star Dance come with a microphone add-on that recognises the user's voice. Up to four players can enjoy the activities together. A camera captures images of gamers at play, which can then be shared on social network sites.

Price: PlayStation3 console, HK$2,549; Move, HK$339