Buying into the idea

PUBLISHED : Friday, 10 December, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 10 December, 2010, 12:00am

Small- and medium-sized enterprises, participating in the Hong Kong Green Awards 2010 green Purchasewi$e awards, demonstrated that formulating and implementing green purchasing policies are integral parts of their activities.

DIX Construction and Transportation, which picked up a silver award, says the firm's commitment to environmental sustainability is a routine part of its activities.

DIX, which established a green purchasing policy last year, says it recommends environmentally preferable products to clients.

'All our staff are involved in taking responsibility for environmental protection,' a DIX spokesman says.

'As a result of implementing green purchasing activities, our staff have developed a very strong mindset about green purchasing and the merits the process offers.

'Our employees can enjoy using safer and healthy products in order to minimise the impact caused by pollution or potential hazards. Our clients and the wider community can also benefit and take advantage from commitment and activities through the environmentally preferable materials we use.'

DIX's green purchasing activities include sourcing non-toxic, or minimally toxic, and preferably biodegradable construction products.

The firm also seeks out energy efficient equipment and products, and raw materials produced or manufactured in an environmentally sound or sustainable manner.

When materials and equipment is shipped to the company, DIX requests the use of minimal packaging, preferably made of recycled or recyclable materials.

During construction projects, DIX has set out clearly defined processes to minimise environmental damage and also has processes in place to recycle construction materials, and responsibly dispose of non-recyclable waste.

'We continuously look for ways to minimise our impact on the environment whenever practical by striving to purchase materials or products that meet our environmentally preferable goals,' the spokesman says.

To keep best green purchasing practices at the forefront of sourcing activities, senior managers encourage purchasing and management staff to attend environmental training organised by institutions. The company also provides supplementary environmental protection knowledge to staff through internal promotion activities.

Silver award recipient Tat Ming Wallpaper is another company to place emphasis on environmentally preferable repurchasing policies.

Derick Yue, Tat Ming marketing manager, says the company created the 'Go Green Think Lohas' logo to show commitment to environment conservation, and to the health and safety of employees, customers and partners. Taking environmentally preferable initiatives into the community, Yue says Tat Ming organises seminars for interior design students in order to raise the environmental awareness and knowledge of environmentally preferable products.

To develop an environmentally friendly green office, the company has introduced various energy saving programmes including installing energy saving lights and using recycled paper.

'In our concept of a dream home, which includes building up a beautiful and safe home, we believe that using green products should not only meet the green decorative materials requirement, but also upgrade your lifestyle and quality of life.

'By this we mean that green products can improve the indoor air quality of your home to provide a cleaner and safer environment for you and your family,' Yue says.