Michael Leung, director of Studio Leung and creative director of HK Honey

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 12 December, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 12 December, 2010, 12:00am

1. Runaway - Kanye West

This song has become a bit of a power ballad for me. I listened to it recently, before one of the biggest presentations of my life.

2. Praise Him - Udaipur Convent School Nuns and Students

I travelled around India last year after watching the Darjeeling Limited film, and fell in love with the culture. This song played at a really beautiful point in the film.

3. Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain

I recently had a HK Honey exhibition and was thinking about songs relating to honey [including] this song from Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation.

4. Disorder - Joy Division

I love the way this song starts - a linear drop-in of drums, bass and guitar. When watching their videos on YouTube, I'm always moved by the intensity of Ian Curtis as he sings and dances at their gigs.

5. Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden

I'm proud to say I've fully embraced karaoke culture in Hong Kong. This popular song during my teenage years has become my karaoke must.