PUBLISHED : Thursday, 13 January, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 13 January, 2011, 12:00am

Good manners need to be remembered

I went to buy some groceries at a supermarket the other day and queued up for payment. However, when it was my turn, a man stepped in and took my place. To make matters worse, he left the store without thanking me.

What have we become? How can people behave so badly? They have no respect for others. This shows Hongkongers have not developed as a society because I am sure this is not an isolated case.

Although I wasn't delayed too long, it did make me think that we live in very selfish times.

If everyone can jump a queue whenever they wish, what is the point of education? What is the point of learning good manners? It is not my duty to give up my space in the queue.

I know Hong Kong is a hectic city. If everyone wasn't in such a rush and managed their time better then maybe we would not have to put up with such rudeness. Hong Kong people should think of others' feelings and not be so selfish.

Yuen Tze-hin, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Respect for parents is still the key

It's time for us to review our parent-child relationship. A recent study in Hong Kong shows the relationship between parents and children is getting much worse nowadays.

It seems to me there is always conflict between the two parties. Actually the parent-child relationship has not changed from the good old days - respect and tolerance are still the key. Every parent gets tired of listening to a child who complains all the time.

Think about this: who gives you the most support and care? Perhaps if we could learn to accept what we can't change and work hard on what we can, the relationship would improve greatly. Any spare time you spend with your parents should be happy, and full of love and respect for each other.

Zoe Cheng Hiu-tung, CNEC Christian College

Special value of paper cards

I am writing in response to Wong Kui-chung's star letter 'A personal touch to Xmas greetings' (Young Post, December 16, 2010). I share his views on Christmas cards: the old-fashioned card is much more special.

With all the advancement in technology, sending e-cards is not only considered very convenient but is also very common.

However, a paper card is irreplaceable because someone has taken the time to write it. I think if someone is willing to make an effort and send a paper card rather than an e-card, it shows how much they care about you.

Apart from being written by hand, the Christmas cards I received from my friends last year were all limited editions. They included stickers, cartoon characters, photos of my idols, and photographs of precious moments we had shared during the year.

A card written by hand is personalised. That is how I like my Christmas cards to be sent. How about you?

Poon Miu-ling, Tak Nga Secondary School

Let's all get behind the smoking ban

Even though the government has banned smoking in restaurants, bars and many other public places, it seems some smokers are still breaking the law. I have seen people smoking in bus terminals, karaoke lounges and stairways.

Proprietors play an important role in preventing people from lighting up. They should prohibit customers from smoking. It is useless if they turn a blind eye to smokers.

Smoking affects everyone, with the fumes and ash polluting public places and posing a health hazard for non-smokers.

Firstly the government should introduce tougher laws. Secondly it should hire more tobacco control officers to catch the offenders and educate the public about the dangers of smoking.

The police should also get involved more and punish people who light up in non-smoking areas.

It is time we played our part in creating a smoke-free society. Smoking costs the government billions of dollars in medical bills. Smokers risk getting cancer and lung and heart diseases, while non-smokers could also suffer from various illnesses after exposure to cigarette smoke.

People should stop smoking - now.

Vivien Tevanotai, Pooi To Middle School