PUBLISHED : Friday, 14 January, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 14 January, 2011, 12:00am

Lee children bring focus on surrogacy

Peter Lee Ka-kit, the elder son of Henderson Land Development's Lee Shau-kee, recently fathered triplets through surrogacy in the United States. The government is looking into whether he has broken the law. Commercial surrogacy is banned in Hong Kong, even if the arrangement is made overseas.

Commercial surrogacy is common in the West, where people are more willing to accept this way of having children. The US also allows surrogacy. Lee understood that and has three sons born through it. This shows the grey area between Hong Kong and overseas policies as people use this method to acquire a surrogacy service.

I believe surrogacy is a solution for those who have problems in having children. However, it should not be misused. I cannot totally agree with Lee's action since he made use of the grey area. I think the news has aroused public attention and a controversy about disrespect for human dignity. Children growing up without a mother may be affected psychologically. In the long term, surrogacy may have an influence on people's concept of ethics.

Annie Yi-yan, Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Electric car a solution to pollution

Everybody knows that air pollution is a very serious problem in Hong Kong. Although the city has made great efforts in trying to improve air quality, the outcome is not obvious.

Pollutants produced by vehicles are to blame. Although vehicles use lead-free fuel now, pollutants produced by traditional petrol cars are still harmful.

Therefore, I believe using electric cars is an effective way to alleviate the pollution problem as they do not produce pollutants.

The government should support the development of electric cars by providing funds for research. We should also support using electric cars.

Daisy Chiu, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

New baby test needs better follow-up

I am writing concerning the article 'New test for genetic defects non-invasive' published on December 10. I welcome these new techniques as they can help parents understand their babies better, but the government has to ensure that there are good follow-up measures.

Unlike the former test that requires samples of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby, taking blood samples from parents are safer because there is no chance the baby will be harmed or a miscarriage. It is also more convenient to conduct the test. It is clear that the comfort given to the parents outweighs the increase in cost of the operation.

But the test may pose a problem in the future. As it becomes less dangerous, safer and easier to conduct, more parents will use it to detect hereditary diseases or congenital defects.

However, if there is no treatment or cure, many parents will struggle with the decision on giving birth to the baby. Should abortions increase, the government then will face more opposition from people who are against such act.

More professional opinions should be given to help the public better understand their options. This means more obstetricians should be trained to handle such cases. In addition, the government should educate the public about the issue.

Kelvin Chan

Be an angel, help the needy

I use an Octopus card to pay for my transport fares. One day, I forgot that it did not have any residual value. I also did not have any coins. I felt embarrassed. Suddenly, an angel appeared. Actually, she is one of my schoolmates and she paid my fare. I was touched by her behaviour because I did not know her and she paid the fare voluntarily.

Because of this, I think the world is not as cold as what people say. There is still love and warmth. There are angels everywhere.

There are many people who need help, and we can contribute to this community.

As the Lunar New Year is approaching, we can do some voluntary work such as visiting the elderly to show them love.

As we have the ability to help others, we should not withhold from helping others, especially the needy. Be an angel, offer your love. The happiness you gained from it is beyond your imagination and cannot be bought.

Crystal Lam, St Teresa Secondary School