New HK$10m flat is a rubbish tip, says buyer

PUBLISHED : Friday, 14 January, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 14 January, 2011, 12:00am

A home buyer said she was dumbfounded when she saw that her new HK$10 million home in Mid-Levels was still at the 'rubbish dump stage' - one month after she completed the purchase deal.

There is still no flooring,' said the buyer, who did not give her full name.

'Electricity cables, water pipes have not yet been fitted, while where the kitchen is supposed to be is still occupied by a pile of building materials.'

The flat is in The Icon at No 38 Conduit Road, developed by Winfoong International.

The buyer only said she had been told by the developer that her flat had been used as a so-called 'raw flat', one that is not decorated or renovated in order to give prospective buyers an impression of what a flat would be like.

She said that last November she was asked to pay an extra HK$140,000 for building an open kitchen in the flat. 'The developer said that if I did not pay, they would leave me only some construction materials to build it on my own,' she said. She refused and later the developer agreed to build the kitchen for her.

'Isn't it absurd? Nowadays, even when you buy a Home Ownership Scheme flat, there will be a kitchen,' the frustrated owner said last night.

She was asked to complete the purchase deal last month and had signed the contracts, thinking everything should have been fine by then.

The unit is a two-bedroom flat measuring 691 sq ft, for which she paid HK$9.7 million. But she was unable to inspect the property until earlier this week because she was sick.

'I could not believe my eyes. The flat is like a rubbish dump. There are construction materials here and there,' she said, quoting the developer as saying that the renovation and decoration was still under way.

'I have paid money and they say it is not complete. And they could not tell how much longer it would take. Isn't it absurd?' she said. 'I don't think a sane buyer would accept this.'

It was not known if other buyers in the building had experienced similar problems but she said she had not heard of any similar complaints.

She said she was seeking legal advice and would sue the developer for compensation.

The Icon is a 16-storey residential project, with 68 flats of 690 to 781 sq ft, according to the developer's website, and its estimated date of completion is mid-2011.

A spokesman for Winfoong International could not be reached for comment last night.

Winfoong International is publicly listed in Hong Kong and is a member of the Hong Fok Group, whose principal activities are property investment, property development, and property management.