Piping up

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 January, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 January, 2011, 12:00am

Senior PLA figures have been vocal on foreign policy in the past year

February, 2010

Retired major generals Zhu Chenghu, Luo Yuan and Senior Colonel Ke Chunqiao say China should sell US bonds to punish Washington for its US$6.4 billion arms sale to Taiwan in January


PLA launches two naval exercises in the South China Sea


Rear Admiral Guan Youfei calls the US a 'hegemon' at a China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue meeting


Zhu accuses US Defence Secretary Dr Robert Gates of treating China as an 'enemy'. General Ma Xiaotian tells Gates that arms sales and US surveillance in the South and East China seas are obstacles to military exchanges. Beijing cancels a visit by Gates


Commenting on a US plan to send an aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea for a joint drill with South Korea, Luo says 'the US carrier would provide the PLA with a live target'


Defence Minister Liang Guanglie reportedly says the armed forces should be prepared for 'tough military struggles' to protect the country

Retired rear admiral Yang Yi says Vietnam would regret expanding its relationship with the US, which he says is only befriending it to constrain China

Luo writes in PLA Daily that: 'If people don't harm me, I won't harm them. If people harm me, I must harm them'


In response to Japan's detention of a Chinese fishing trawler, Major General Peng Guangqian says China should delay negotiations on joint oil exploration, send military ships to the Diaoyu Islands and use the islands' waters as a target in military drills


Luo writes in the Global Times that Chinese society must foster 'a militaristic spirit'

January 15, 2011

Yang writes in China Daily that the country's military programme is for self-defence only and that the J-20 test flight taking place at the time of Gates' visit is a coincidence