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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 January, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 January, 2011, 12:00am

Reading comprehension

Answer the following questions

1 What do Au Lau-kan and the other villagers want?

a. To be given new housing in the city.

b. To have a new piece of land so they can continue farming.

c. To leave Ma Shi Po for good.

d. To sue Henderson Land Development for the damage it has done.

2 The problem with the government's 'public-private partnership' is that ...

a. villagers have to deal with developers themselves.

b. developers are stringent with compensation.

c. there is no agreement between the government and the developers as to what to do with the land.

d. none of the above

3 Villagers in Fanling were upset because ...

a. their belongings were removed from their houses without notice.

b. they did not know who the people who removed their belongings were.

c. they were offered a compensation of less than HK$3,000.

d. the property managers of Henderson were rude to them.

4 Yeung's family is sceptical of the document to surrender the house by the Mr Yeung because ...

a. Mr Yeung has already died.

b. Mrs Yeung knows her husband has not signed it.

c. Mr Yeung did not know how to write.

d. Henderson is not trustworthy.

Think about

1 What do you think led to disputes between villagers and developers? Is there anything wrong with the laws regarding redevelopment?

2 If you were a villager, what would you ask for to give up your land?

3 If you were a property developer, what would you do to get your land? t o What kind of compensation would you give the villagers?


1 Many shops in Hong Kong have ___________ sales at the end of the year.

2 Business stalls selling traditional handicrafts are __________ in the city as Lunar New Year approaches.

3 His family is considering ____________ to another city after 10 years of living in Hong Kong.


Reading comprehension: 1. b, 2. a, 3. a, 4. c

Vocabulary: 1. clearance, 2. sprouting, 3. relocation