Inspired to show way to a better life

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 26 January, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 26 January, 2011, 12:00am

Make a Difference (MaD) brings together an exciting line-up of international change-makers and young people to Hong Kong every year. MaD inspires youngsters through talks and workshops on creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and discovery.

The second annual event took place from January 21-23 this year. Three Young Post junior reporters attended various activities last Saturday. Here, Janet Tam and Alex Chan describe the experience.

Alex Chan

Ali F. Farhoomand discussed creativity, entrepreneurship and the power of positive thinking at the Entrepreneurial Business Model Innovation workshop. Farhoomand is a professor of innovation and information management at the University of Hong Kong.

The workshop opened my eyes as to what we can do to achieve our dreams.

Farhoomand introduced four types of innovation: product leadership, customer intimacy, operational efficiency, and category renewal.

Right after his talk on innovation, he gave everyone a task to complete. We were divided into four teams and came up with a socially innovative new product/service using the nine building blocks (value proposition, partners, activities, resources, core structure, revenue streams, channels, customer relationships, customer segments). The goal was to challenge us to think in a noisy and unfamiliar environment.

Farhoomand also taught us that a successful businessman thinks outside the box and makes things happen.

Janet Tam

I joined three workshops - Dialogue in the Dark, The Power of Magic 'IF' and Dialogue in Silence .

Dialogue in the Dark - co-organised by Dialogue in the Dark (HK) in Mei Foo - was a memorable experience. There were eight participants in my group plus a visually impaired guide to help us navigate.

Before we entered the pitch-black environment, each of us was given a white cane. I felt nervous as I could only lean on the wall and walk slowly to our 'destinations' like a shopping centre, road and cafe. It was a great experience to use other senses to rediscover things in daily life. The activity also inspired me to reflect on 'ability' and 'disability'.

In the Dialogue in Silence workshop, we wore earmuffs so we could only communicate with each other using body language and facial expressions. I learned there are many ways to get around disabilities and lead fruitful lives.

The Power of Magic 'IF' was all about being creative and unique. Participants used clothes provided by the organisers to stage a special fashion show.