Red Fruit Tree

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 February, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 February, 2011, 12:00am

Red Fruit Tree
G/F Park View Centre
7 Lau Li Street
Tin Hau
Tel: 2882 3036

Grub: A wide variety of dishes from around Asia.

Vibe: A large window provides a bright and airy ambience. The wall opposite the window is hung with framed photos of dishes, while retro light fitting and a large clock add quirky touches. Staff are friendly, helpful and happy to offer recommendations.

Who to bring: Set lunches and tea sets make it a cool place to hang out with friends or family.

What's hot: There's an intriguing menu where Malaysian-style roti shares a page with pan-fried shrimps, kimchi and tofu. Indeed, most of the cuisines of East Asia are represented one way or another. There's so much here, it can be tricky to know where to start - the appetisers section is by no means the only option. Turnip cake, dumplings and satay are just some of the many choices.

The range of noodles available is as impressive as the dishes they can go into. There are rice-flour noodles, Thai-style flat noodles, vermicelli and udon. They are available fried, in soups or, as in the eggplant and minced pork with udon, in a hot pot. This is a particularly delicious dish cooked in a mildly spicy fish soy sauce.

There is a section on the menu called 'BBQ Stick', although it seems only the satay actually comes on sticks. The grilled, tender pork is served, sliced, on a plate with a tangy tamarind dip. There is enough of it to easily share between two or even three. The pork also comes as a salad.

Vegetable dishes include organic snow peas, but the fried vegetables with tofu on a hot plate are well worth investigating.

Three pages of the menu are dedicated to desserts, which include almond tofu, jellies and ice cream. The waitress passionately recommended the baked sago pudding, which was rich and custardy. It was a good call.

What's not: It gets very busy during lunchtime on weekdays.

Cost: Prices are reasonable, with the most expensive dish on the menu costing only HK$68 and the cheapest HK$28. The majority of the dishes fall between HK$45 and HK$58. Desserts are between HK$18 and HK$35. Regular soft drinks are HK$18, juices and iced drinks HK$24-HK$34. Afternoon tea sets are from HK$38.