On the horizon

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 February, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 February, 2011, 12:00am


(January 20 - February 18)

Having sleepless nights? Try not to let it get you down - you just have a lot of energy to burn. Put that itchy, get-up-and-go feeling into lots of physical activity now, even if you're not the sporty type. Yoga, meditation, punching a pillow or even dancing wildly to fast music in your bedroom will soothe you with feelings of peace and joy. What an easy way to be happy.


(February 19-March 19)

Matters of the heart are bothering you, whether yours or others. Choose your battles carefully. If someone you love isn't holding up their end of the relationship, be willing to let go. Or, if people close to you are fighting and want you to intervene, think wisely before doing so. A calm and firm manner will ensure that nobody takes advantage of your good nature.


(March 20 - April 18)

Doors have started opening for you - are you going to walk through them? Some dreams are close to coming true, but there's still a bit of work to be done. Patience is your key word, especially with parents and siblings. Getting cross is not going to help, so smile and be calm, because problems won't last long.


(April 19 - May 19)

Love hits you from all directions now - you'll be drowning in it. Lots of people are charmed by your personality, so take advantage of this streak of good fortune buzzing through your sign. Make some new friends, start a hobby or just risk doing things a little differently - trying a new fashion look, perhaps - and have the courage to be your own person. This week is all about you.


(May 20 - June 19)

You're a clever type and often listen to your head. Now it's your heart doing the talking. But don't let emotions rule your life. There is an important decision to be made so the best plan of action is to get in touch with your feelings and be practical, too. Think it through slowly and talk to someone you trust before plunging ahead.


(June 20 - July 21)

What you put in, you'll get out - that's the life lesson for your sign this week. Any big projects or plans have the potential for success if you work very hard. So, instead of being a coach potato, why not put in an extra hour or two where it really counts? But don't forget to have fun. A night off after a hard day's work or study will do you the world of good.


(July 22 - August 21)

Life may seem a little upside down, but your courageous heart and natural charm will help you to cope. Some issues at home and the temptation to take part in gossip will occupy your mind. The golden rule in both situations is: be part of the solution, not the problem. Don't get involved in conflict, and whatever you do, don't talk behind anybody's back.


(August 22 - September 21)

Everything feels like such a huge effort right now, doesn't it? That's because it is - but the rewards will be worth it. Your energy is a bit low, but you can ride through this tricky time with a big smile on your face and refuse to let obstacles get you down. A positive attitude works like magic right now. The most amazing things will happen if you only believe in yourself.


(September 22 - October 22)

Balance is your key word now. Too much work - or too much play - will leave you confused and exhausted. Find ways to do a little bit of everything each day, instead of ignoring some areas of your life. There will be opportunities for love and creativity, so be open to some interesting surprises. It's a good idea to rely on your intuition now, as that voice inside you is strong and is sending you magical messages.


(October 23 - November 20)

Gossip isn't nice at any time, but it's even more dangerous now. Walk away. Do not speak behind anybody's back, because it will come back to bite you. Drama aside, you're looking good and feeling great, so keep that energy going with exercise or even a new hairstyle. The planets will bring you good fortune for the next few days.


(November 21 - December 20)

When in doubt, try a little tenderness. What are we on about? Well, simply, it's all about love. Your family and friends are crying out for attention and you've been quite a busy bee. A spontaneous hug, a bunch of flowers or even just a call to say 'I love you' to someone special will work wonders in your life and for those around you.


(December 21 - January 19)

Ideas are flying around your head like a swarm of bees. Suddenly, there's nothing you can't do. This super-positive vibe will last for at least a week, so kick into action by taking note of those flashes of inspiration (many of which may come to you in dreams or even while taking a shower). If you think you can - you will.