It all makes sense

PUBLISHED : Friday, 11 February, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 11 February, 2011, 12:00am

Butterflies have taste organs on their feet, while dragonflies can see ultraviolet light, and the nose of a bloodhound is believed to be millions of times more sensitive than a human's. Senses add colour and flavour to the world, but for many city-dwellers, they have been dulled by modern living; taste buds underwhelmed bytakeout food, hearing assaulted by car horns and olfactory abilities tainted by pollution. Think about your average day. What have you eaten, touched, heard, seen or tasted recently, that has triggered a sensory 'wow'?

With this in mind, take time out to indulge all the senses with these products and places.


Luxury fragrance house Miller Harris has come a long way in 10 years, thanks largely to a lucky break in politics. A hit with fashionistas - its L'Air de Rien perfume was created for Jane Birkin - the brand received a PR coup when a British politician's wife gave the American First Lady Michelle Obama a selection of candles during an offical visit last year, sending sales through its scented roof.

Since then the house has expanded in Europe and wafted as far as Japan. Serious fans can get a tour of its Mayfair boutique, courtesy of Quintessentially ( During the visit to its headquarters, guests are treated to Miller Harris scented teas and cakes and given a tailor-made scent.

Solomon Leong ( is a delicate hand when it comes to bouquets. The Hong Kong-based florist is a gold medalist in his field, having picked up two at Britain's annual Chelsea Flower Show. You can pick up tips from his book, Solomon's Blooming Chic, or get hands on with a flower-arranging course at his Central studio.

For some pocket-sized pampering, Shanghai Tang has collaborated with the creators of the refillable atomizer, Travalo, to create a chic, travel-friendly atomizer. Its set for men features a black leather case, embossed with a dragon. Also joining the compact scent scene is Bulgari, which has gone for a whimsical spring/summer with its pocket-sized Jewel Charms Collection (HK$410/25ml). Each charm comes in a coloured satin pouch.


Andrew Lloyd Webber might be the king of the stage and Steven Spielberg reign supreme on the screen, but when it comes to the best show on earth, Mother Nature wins hands down with her aurora borealis, or Northern Lights show. From late November to March, within the auroral zone, solar particles collide with atmospheric gases to create colourful curtains. The more intrepid traveller can book a guided tour into the Pasvik Valley in Norway. Don a snow suit, meet your dogs then sledge your way into the polar night along the border between Norway and Russia.


The Caribbean is known for its spicy nightlife but if it's your taste buds that need added zing then head to Jade Mountain resort ( in Saint Lucia. The peaceful resort is ideal for those keen to learn more about the island's spices, with its tasty 'Spices of the Caribbean' offer, running from October 16-18 this year.

If rustic Italian cooking and delicious countryside are more to your liking, Palazzo Terranova ( dishes up both. The historic villas - which represent a dolce vita that has changed little since the 17th-century - are nestled in the hills of Umbria. Eat and drink the days away, and wander the local wine country, including the vineyards for Chianti, Brunello, and Sagrantino vintages. Truffle hunting is also on the menu, the finds later served up in a dinner complete with Umbrian wine tasting.


The latest entrant in the high-end headphones market is Ultrasone's Edition 10 ( Covered in gold they feature Zebrano wood ear cup inlays, Ethiopian sheepskin leather ear cup pads, Titanium plated drivers and Kevlar coated cables, which all sounds perfectly good.


Those who think hammocks are only for the outdoors should think again. Chacabraka ( has fun, furry hammocks for those who want to swing in the comfort of their home; or office for that matter. Animal lovers can swing with a clear conscience, because the fur is fake. It also comes in a variety of designs so you can customise your own.