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PUBLISHED : Friday, 11 February, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 11 February, 2011, 12:00am

Fung shui principles are supposed to help identify areas of strong and weak energy flows, positive and negative, whether it be a few square feet of cupboard space or an entire continent.

Investment bank CLSA started its annual, tongue-in-cheek Fung Shui Index (FSI) report to investment in 1992. This year, CLSA says, overall, the year of 'metal rabbit' promises plenty of luck and material gain for investors. 'A rabbit is not like a tiger. It is more cautious. It will bounce, stop, turn around and listen, and see whether it is safe to go on. So there will be a lot of zigzags,' says analyst Philip Chow, adding sometimes the rabbit might be 'scared', and sometimes it might just be still and hide. The firm's property researcher Nicole Wong says it is a 'bumpy' year on the horizon for property - the best months for investing in property will be October, November and January; while the bumpiest months will be this month and March.

Even for fung shui masters, it's all about location, location, location. 'Hot spots' this year are predicted over the northwest, southwest, and northeast in comparatively offbeat locations such as Tai Mei Tuk, Wu Kai Sha, Tin Shui Wai and Cheung Chau. The two killer corridors are at north-centre-south and east-centre-west.

CLSA says this month should see a slow start to the year, with the rabbit reluctant to emerge from its hole for fear that the tiger still lingers. Next month requires patience as opposing forces test investors' mettle. As the rabbit finds its feet, wealth will come from the west in April and prove a great month for those with stamina. May begins with one of the year's four most auspicious dates (May 14), while a fall is expected in June. CLSA sees markets rising sharply over July and August. It expects the year of the 'metal rabbit' to provide a great opportunity for investors.

Fung shui master Raymond Lo believes investors should be cautious. He says that while the first half of the year will be good for the property and stock markets, people will have to be careful from mid-year onwards because the financial and property markets will be affected by the fire element.

Selected CLSA fung shui property predictions

Northwest (Great) Sai Ying Pun, Sai Wan

West (Good) Cyberport, Sandy Bay, South Horizon

South (Bumpy) Sok Kwu Wan, South Bay, Chung Hom Kok

Southeast (Good) Lohas Park, Shek O, Stanley

East (Bumpy) Sai Kung, Heng Fa Chuen

Northeast (Great) Wu Kai Sha, Quarry Bay, Sai Wan Ho

North (Bumpy) Fortress Hill, Tin Hau

Centre (Bumpy) Fo Tan, Hung Hom, Happy Valley