Wood associated with nurturing

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 12 February, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 12 February, 2011, 12:00am

As part of our series on the relationship between careers and the elements, we focus on wood. Wood is associated with growth, nurturing and caring, which is why doctors and therapists, social workers and teachers are said to be in wood-related careers.

Those who work in a nature-related area, such as forestry, farm production, the cultivation of herbs and medicinal plants, and the processing of biological products, are also considered to be working in the wood sector.

What makes a person suitable for these industries? From the astrology birth chart that takes into account a person's time, day, month and year of birth, a strong flow of wood or where wood is the auspicious element would bring positive changes. This is best determined by a professional; just because you were born in spring or in a wood year (one ending with the number 4 or 5 or the year of the tiger or rabbit) does not necessarily mean wood would be a favourable element for you.

With regard to fung shui, the sectors that are useful for people working in health and nurturing industries would be where the 8 mountain star - which represents health and harmony - is located. This is determined by taking into account the time in which the office or home was built and in which direction the property faces or sits.

The colour that represents the wood element is green. And since water produces and nourishes wood, colours that symbolise water - black and blue - are also suitable for caring professionals. Of course, it would be best to confirm appropriate colours by analysing a person's individual chart.

There are no fixed areas or sectors within the office or home that correspond to a person's health. Each place is different and you need to take into account how it is laid out and designed to locate the sector associated with health. If you are a doctor or social worker, you should not simply place your office in the east without considering what types of energy are present.