Room for luck at your hotel

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 19 February, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 19 February, 2011, 12:00am

Travelling for business meetings is an important part of professional life. Hence, it is crucial that you are aware of certain fung shui principles in choosing your hotel room, particularly if you are to spend the night there before your meeting.

Avoid rooms at the end of corridors or passages, as the energy from the walkways will rush straight into these spaces, causing occupants to feel agitated. Don't worry if your room is near the end of the corridor with its door on either side of the passageway - it should be fine as long as it is not the room directly at the end.

Note the position of your bed. It should be against a wall, and not in the middle of the room without any support. Neither should there be any overhanging beams cutting across the bed, which exert pressure on those sleeping below them. If the beam runs across your head, you run the risk of having a headache the next day. If you can't change rooms, move so that you are not sleeping below the beam.

Since mirrors reflect back our energy when we are sleeping and are disruptive, cover any you find in the room with a towel or a bag if they are directly facing you while you are asleep. Otherwise you may lie awake all night or feel drained in the morning. If there are two beds, choose the one that does not have a mirror opposite it. There is no use adjusting your body on the bed to avoid the reflection, as you will move while you are asleep.

Note the position of the en-suite door relative to your bed. If the bathroom door opens to the bed and a part of your body is in the direct line of the door, you should sleep with it closed. The negative energy from the toilet will travel in a line towards you if you are lying directly opposite, resulting in bodily ailments.