Japan Rocks

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 March, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 March, 2011, 12:00am

Tomorrow, 10pm Backstage Live

For years, Hong Kong's indie scene has overlooked a major music resource just a short flight away: Japan.

In the clubs and bars of Tokyo and Osaka, some of the world's most inventive and exciting bands ply their trade but rarely escape their national borders. Toe, Te', Mono, Electric Eel Shock, Ogre You Asshole - these names represent just a thin crust of Japan's bubbling rock scene.

And in Hong Kong? Well, there's just not as much going on. That's fair enough - Japan has 127 million people compared with our seven million. But it's no excuse not to learn. With established festivals such as Fuji Rock and Summer Sonic and a well-supported underground scene, Japan has the indie music know-how that Hong Kong is largely lacking.

Local music stalwart Chris B hopes to address that. She's starting a new series of co-operative gigs to promote interaction between Asian countries. In the first show tomorrow, Backstage Live hosts the Japan Rocks showcase, featuring Osaka rock band Sawas Phool and Tokyo rockers DonRef (above), both of which have won band competitions at home. Two Japanese expat bands - fast-rock group Sea Monsters and blues band Catfish Kings - will also appear.

As part of the co-operation, in April or May a Hong Kong band will have the opportunity to play in Tokyo.




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