Trisonique's way with jazz

PUBLISHED : Friday, 11 March, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 11 March, 2011, 12:00am

Name: Hakuei Kim
Born: Kyoto, Japan
Zodiac: Aries
Chinese zodiac: Rabbit
Band: Trisonique
Band members: Hakuei Kim (piano), Tomokazu Sugimoto (bass), Hidenobu 'Kalta' Otsuki (drums)
Records: Trisonique (2011)

This is my ... second time in Hong Kong. The first time was about five years ago while I was on holiday. I was here for only three days. It was during the rainy, foggy season.

On my way here ... I lost my phone in the airport in Japan. I asked someone to try to call my phone, but it was already turned off. I have all my information on it and usually you would get depressed by the loss. But after arriving here, meeting all the people, eating the great food, and enjoying the energy of the city, I'm happy again.

In jazz ... musicians usually have the leader of the band's name then add trio or quartet to it. I didn't want that. I wanted the name to reflect that each of us have an equal contribution to the music.

Trisonique comes from ... three [tri], sonic and unique - only the three of us can create this sound. It's also the concept for this album.

Having a pianist, bassist and drummer is typical for a jazz band. Our music has no vocals. We've been together for about two years, and this is our first album.

I was introduced ... to Sugimoto about three years ago through the owner of a jazz club. The owner told me I had to play with this bass player saying we would be great together and she was telling him the same thing. We eventually met, played together and I was shocked at how great he was, so I asked him to join the band.

I've known the drummer ... for a long time, but Otsuki came to us before a gig we were supposed to do. We advertised the gig as Hakuei Kim on piano and Tomokazu Sugimoto on bass, drums not yet decided. He saw that, called us and said he wanted to play the drums for us.

Trisonique is ... a jazz album, in that it has a lot of improvisation. But sometimes it's like rock, sometimes like ambient music. It's not strictly a jazz album from a jazz musician's point of view. We're not trying to play jazz. We're trying to create our own music ... sounds we've never heard before.

Trisonique is ... the first release from the area azzurra label on Universal. Universal told me not to worry about sales since it's our first album. I have a good relationship with producer Hiroshi Aono. He mostly let's me do what I want. That's rare as major labels usually give the orders.

These days a lot of musicians think ... hey, let's play classical music, or rock or jazz. They think of genre first.

Record companies created the categories in the old days, to make them easier to sell. I don't think that's cool. Musicians play music and whatever comes out ... in the end, it's all music.