Strategies to lift new job fears

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 12 March, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 12 March, 2011, 12:00am

The excitement of starting a new job is often tempered by a sense of anxiety that you may not get off to a good start. But not to worry - you can employ fung shui strategies to ensure a smooth start to a fresh chapter of your career.

If you are hired as a replacement, find out discreetly how your predecessor performed. If that person was forced to resign or let go for incompetence or other negative reasons, use another work space if possible. From a fung shui point of view, the orientation and layout of the office mean there is a higher probability of occupants experiencing problems. In contrast, if the person was promoted or transferred to a better position, then you should have no reservations about occupying your predecessor's work space.

If you have no choice but to occupy a work space with a problematic history, try changing the environment, possibly by reorienting the desk. For instance, if your predecessor sat with his or her back to the window, you should shift the desk so your back is to a wall. If your chair is located under a beam or overhanging structure such as a pipe, move slightly to avoid sitting under it.

Ensure also that you do not face the direct path of the door or entrance, otherwise there is a high chance of you leaving the company. It is not a problem if you face the wall where the entrance is located if you are not in the direct path. If you are uncertain about the layout of your office, seek advice from a fung shui professional.

Start work on an auspicious day. It might be difficult in the middle of the week, so choose an auspicious day the week before and then come in to place your personal things and meet your new colleagues. You can also symbolically begin work by turning on your work computer at an auspicious time.