Worm pizza

PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 March, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 14 March, 2011, 12:00am

1 How many meat toppings is the customer offered (not including the worms)?

a. three b. two c. none

2 When did the restaurant introduce the worm pizza?

a. two months ago b. three weeks ago c. within the past month

3 Which is Heston Blumenthal's restaurant?




4 What rating does the restaurant have?

a. three stars b. five stars c. one star

5 On Heston's menu, you will find ............ congee.




6 If you want to dine at Heston's restaurant, what are you advised to do?

a. save up for many months ahead

b. book well in advance

c. just turn up whenever you're in the mood for something unusual

7 Heston has recently started to look at food served to ...........

a. young hospital patients

b. children who have just left hospital

c. youngsters who refuse to eat healthy food

8 What did the chef think when he did his first research?

a. he was impressed by the standard of food

b. he thought the food was tasteless but had a lot of nutritional value

c. he was depressed by the food on offer

9 What was missing from the pizza he looked at?

a. dough and topping

b. any ingredient that would benefit the eater

c. tasty cheese and tomato

10 What effect does eating starchy pizzas have on children?

a. it makes them feel tired and lacking in energy

b. it makes them ask for a second helping

c. it makes them too energetic

11 Which of these is full of protein and nutritional value?




12 What did the children think of Heston's unusual pizza topping?

a. half hated it and half loved it

b. they were disgusted

c. it was a resounding hit

13 How did Heston get tomato ketchup into some of the worms?




14 Heston expects nutritional standards to improve .......... in UK children's wards.

a. through time

b. immediately

c. within the next year


1. b, 2. c, 3. b, 4. a, 5. a, 6. b, 7. a, 8. c, 9. b, 10. a, 11. b, 12. c, 13. a, 14. a