Entrapment has come back as good as ever, says delighted Size

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 March, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 March, 2011, 12:00am

Unbeaten Entrapment has astounded trainer John Size and the Jockey Club's veterinary experts by returning to training without a hitch, just months after being sidelined by a mystery ailment that prevented him competing earlier this season.

Size reported his gelding, who was last year's champion griffin with an unbeaten and unprecedented run of seven victories, has returned to the stables with no sign of the bizarre left rear-leg action that had both the trainer and the vets baffled.

'He's come back as good as ever, no one has any idea how or why he started, and then stopped, walking the way he was earlier this season, I'm just thrilled he's come back into work without the problem,' Size said.

In November last year, Size reported the promising sprinter had developed the bizarre habit of lifting his rear leg in a high arch, before whacking it down as he was walking - leaving the trainer and vets to ponder the cause of his peculiar habit.

'All the vets here had a look at him, they did scans of the leg and his muscles and found nothing. Nobody seemed to know what was happening,' Size said. 'The horse didn't seem to be in pain, as such, but he didn't have proper use of his leg either. He was smacking his foot down hard like he didn't have full control of it, but that's all disappeared now.'

Size said he has never encountered the problem previously in all the thousands of horses he has trained during his career, and is just glad the problem went away as quickly and as mysteriously as it arrived. Entrapment's streak of wins last season took him from an import mark of 52 to a rating of 115 and re-wrote the record books as he became the first horse to win seven races in a Hong Kong season.

With an ageing Sacred Kingdom seemingly in the twilight of his racing days and top youngsters Little Bridge and Lucky Nine both extended in trip in pursuit of the Hong Kong Derby, Entrapment may find himself in prime position to become the headline act of Hong Kong's sprinting ranks upon his return.

Size, however, does not want to get ahead of himself just yet.

'He's only just started galloping at trackwork again, and is still a way off getting back to the races but, at this stage, everything is looking very encouraging.'