Survival tips for tournament virgins

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 26 March, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 26 March, 2011, 12:00am

School teachers are good at giving instructions and herding folk, so it's no surprise Kathryn Bignold (Aka Biggles) ended up with the role of YAHK (Young Aussies Hong Kong) president. She has been e-mailing/Facebooking her Sevens Deadly Sins list of things to avoid over the weekend and sharing these thoughts with those around her. 'For all you Sevens virgins (SVs) these points are worth noting,' says Bignold, who will bring a class of Happy Little Vegemiters today.

'I look at it as a community service announcement - as you probably can't remember a thing from your past Sevens assaults!' says Bignold.

1) Going too hard too soon (premature intoxication) and leaving your mate (in the same costume) on their own in the South Stand equals poor form. FYI it's the THREE amigos people, not the ONE amigo. No one wants to be a 'Nigel-no-mates!'

2) The Mexican Wave is acceptable - a Mexican technicolour yawn is not. Stay home if you're sick.

3) Don't leave your mate when you have their phone, money, handbag/wallet.

4) Don't be that annoying bloke trying to start the wave all day long. Dude - it's not a one-dayer and no one thinks you are funny.

5) Wearing the same costumes as another group is particularly awkward. The competitive streak and who looks cuter/funnier could start out as a bit of banter, but could escalate - especially in the loo queues! Claws in ladies!

6) Wearing the same costume on Saturday and Sunday - just means you are a 'dirty stop out'.

7) A tip for choice of costumes - all-in-ones are NOT your friend. Bathroom queues are long enough without everyone waiting for you to dress/undress. What if the door catch breaks?