Shentin, 13, is happy to be left in the dark for Earth Hour

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 26 March, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 26 March, 2011, 12:00am

In joining today's global lights-out event Earth Hour, 13-year-old Shentin Elson was not one to wait for instructions.

He paid for about 30 posters, got up early yesterday and went around passing them out to his neighbours.

Shentin, who lives at Pak Tam Chung in Sai Kung, said he had paid for the printing for the past three years, but this year he got in touch with the conservation group WWF, the organiser, for a little help.

'I live with trees everywhere and all the fun of the wilderness. I take advantage of living here and I wish that future generations also get the chance to see the sights I see every day,' the Renaissance College student said. He said his family would turn off all the lights at home.

The event's supporters include the government, more than 3,100 companies and buildings, all universities and over 300 schools. The Tourism Board will suspend tonight's Symphony of Lights show.

Meanwhile, the Symphony of Lights show has been accused by a city planning advocacy group of starting a race for more attention-grabbing lights on buildings.

In a submission to the Legislative Council's environmental affairs panel, which will discuss light pollution on Monday, Designing Hong Kong also urges the government to scale down the daily light show.

'This programme was the start of a race among owners of buildings, including those further inland, to compete with ever more light,' Paul Zimmerman, the group's CEO, said.