This week we test: facial mist

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 27 March, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 27 March, 2011, 12:00am

Feel the magic of a little spritz of mist - especially after a long and dehydrating flight or a late night out - you'll be completely refreshed.

Missha Super Aqua Aroma Deep Sea Water

Facial Mist (Lavender) (HK$162/150ml)

This is a bit on the pricy side, for what it is essentially sea water and lavender oil. The bottle design is cool - easy to slip into a bag for spritzing on the go. The lavender scent is refreshing but won't clash with any perfume.

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray (HK$50/50ml)

At a first glance, this odourless mist seems no different from ordinary water, but a quick burst over makeup gives you a healthy glow. It's very soothing for hypersensitive skin, too. A great deal!

DHC Moisturizing & Relieving Mist (HK$108/80g)

This odourless, light mist is very refreshing. It helps to revive dry skin, especially when you're stuck all day in an air-conditioned room. A good handbag companion.

Paul and Joe Moisturizing Mist N (HK$150/60g)

A quick spritz and your skin is ready for anything. The delightful scent comes from the rose water and grapefruit extract. Perfect for spring.

Jurlique Lavender Moisturising Water (HK$215/30ml)

Gorgeously refreshing, your skin feels perkier and softer after use. Shame about the price - it's a perfect size for your handbag, but it really isn't worth all that money.