Follow system, don't abuse it

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 19 May, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 19 May, 1994, 12:00am

FOLLOWING a recent television news story, I was shocked and disgusted to hear that some people continue to live in government housing despite owning their own property.

I strongly support the Government's measures to implement higher charges for these people. The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKEA) is a non-profit making department, which spares no cost when it comes to quality. Its main objective is to supply homes to those who cannot afford to buy their own. But this service is being marred by profiteers who are taking advantage of this charitable gesture. I can't believe the audacity of these people; not only are they defeating the object of having a Housing Authority, but they are also denying their fellow kinsmen of a home, some of whom are street dwellers and others living in wood and tin temporary dwellings.

The HKHA has around 16 projects being built. With the cost of materials, labour and land, the amount is astronomical and of course comes from revenue that all taxpayers pay. Some of which would not be necessary if these people would follow the system instead of abusing it. It is a sad state of affairs when one's capital gain comes before another's welfare.