Condemned girl running out of time

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 May, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 May, 1994, 12:00am

NOW that the uproar surrounding the well-deserved caning of the young American hooligan, Michael Fay, in Singapore appears to be dying down at last, may I call the attention of all your readers, and of the various writers in your columns and editorials, to a matter far more worthy of their concern.

A young Hong Kong girl, Poon Yuen-chung, aged 21, is at present awaiting execution in Changi Prison, Singapore, having been convicted of drug smuggling.

At the time of her arrest, she was 18, just old enough to be sentenced to death. Her travelling companion, Lam Hoi-ka, was 17, which is considered to be too young for the extreme penalty and she is now serving a life sentence for the same offence. Both girls have admitted their guilt, although there appears to be little doubt that they were lured into carrying the drugs by other parties who, needless to say, have not been apprehended.

Whilst no one can have any sympathy for the crime of drug running, I feel, nonetheless, that Miss Poon does not deserve to die for this offence, and I appeal to all your readers to spare a prayer for her in her cell in Changi.

Perhaps an appeal to our Governor, requesting him to ask for clemency from the President of Singapore might help.

If John Major could intervene with the Thai authorities on behalf of two English girls, surely Mr Patten could do it for a Hong Kong girl.

Her time is running short. Please act now.