Shek O suffering from traffic nightmare

PUBLISHED : Friday, 10 June, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 10 June, 1994, 12:00am

I AM deeply concerned about the problem of traffic congestion in Shek O Village every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays (especially weekend nights). I am particularly worried, because police are not doing enough to alleviate the congestion, or curb illegal parking.

At weekends traffic conditions reach a point of paralysis.

The problem is particularly bad between 7pm and midnight. Large container trucks park in private car parking spaces, forcing private cars to use bays supposedly allotted to motorbikes.

I see a lot of vehicles parked illegally on double yellow lines and at the entrance of the Shek O open air car-park. The worst blackspot is the lane which runs between the car park and the village restaurants, which on weekend nights becomes partially blocked with the cars of restaurant customers.

This makes it difficult for residents to use the lane and I am concerned for the safety of pedestrians, especially children.

From a hygiene point of view I am worried about some of the restaurants. Can the Urban Services and Fire Services departments and the police, assure me that all the restaurants and food stalls have been checked and that none of them pose a fire threat or an obstruction and that none of them are dumping refuse illegally? If there was a fire, how would the emergency services be able to get to it, in order to put it out and to deal with the casualties? More police officers should be stationed at the Shek O roundabout from Friday to Sunday and during public holidays, not only during the day, but also in the evening from 7pm till midnight.

The Transport Department should also erect more road signs on Shek O Road indicating that vehicles will be towed away if they are illegally parked.

In addition, if large stone plant pots were placed on the roundabout's perimeter, this would stop drivers from illegally parking their cars there.

Police should not just do a lightning raid, but should consider enforcement action to be a long-term operation. I hope all relevant government departments will look at the traffic problems in Shek O and try to address them more effectively than they have done.

There should be a telephone hotline that residents can call when they have a complaint to make.

Shek O Road should be left clear, so that the people of Hong Kong can safely enjoy this beautiful environment.